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IMMIGRATION STATISTICS as at June 2017 - Immigration detainees also included children. At year ending June 2017 the number was (48) – this being 65% lower than the previous year which was (137). (Apparently the Government is trying hard to stop the detention of children). In the years ending June 2015, 2016, 2017 there were 32,053, 31,593 & 27,819 people entering detention, respectively. The top 5 nationalities for ENFORCED returns & removals were Romanians, Albanians, Polish, Indians & Pakistanis. The proportion of detainees returning voluntarily to their home countries upon leaving detention increased from 44% in year ending June 2016 to 48% in year ending June 2017 (SOURCE: National Statistics Statistics for Immigration are always met with controversy when they are published - allegations that they do not provide accurate description of the true state of affairs, whereas others interpret them as truth. (Whatever the 'spin' put on them - still they are 'official' & provide some idea of immigration detainees).

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