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Marshall Hall makes a very good point.

The Land Registry is an executive agency of the state, and furthermore exercises quasi-judicial powers. It's like suggesting that High Court judges start rating barristers and solicitors, in the context of litigation, perhaps via a "Laws 'R' Us" website.

The discussion paper also reinforces the myth, that the Land Registry plays a huge pivotal role in the process-it doesn't.

What troubles me is the creeping centralisation of sensitive data, which will be substantially complete, once all LLC data has been transferred to the Land Registry.

Coupled with the creeping connectivity with Revenue & Customs and others, centralisation means in effect, that the state is amassing hyper amounts of data on the individual and his or her assets.

There is a more sinister risk, that if all the ideas above are taken in the round- a future and extreme government, could effectively suspend the operation of the housing market for mere political and possibly shabby reasons.

New technology must aid the home buying process, not mask hidden but sinister political agendas, or the general dumbing down of the law.

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