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A great idea – using data to help clients find an experienced, reputable and trusted conveyancer is exactly the kind of innovation the industry needs. However there is need for caution. The new consumer culture rightly puts client experience first. We are used to using comparison sites to find services from car insurance to restaurants. However, it’s essential to understand what data will be used to judge the performance of a conveyancer. Not all levels of service can be measured quantitatively – it is not all about price, or speed. For example, the quality of communication to the client – does the conveyancer demonstrate empathy and understanding, are they approachable and responsive?

Of course, clients want a quick, hassle-free turnaround on sales and purchases, but just as important is the personal service they receive. I hope that any such comparison tool ensures qualitative feedback is included in any ranking and that it recognises that conveyancing isn’t just a numbers game. It is about ensuring clients are properly supported through one of the most important purchases of their lives - securing a home.

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