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Anon @ 17:49. "anyone and everyone may register"
I don't know why, 2 or 3 years ago, I started getting these emails. I have no connection with the legal profession but have always had an interest in law, and politics, and I think that, as a widely travelled, multi-lingual 76 year-old, I am justified in feeling that, given some of the comments on here, especially those I am surprised to find coming from solicitors (not from the easily identifiable 'trolls'), you need some exposure to extra-professional opinion, and that seems to be supported by the thumbs up (or even down) and the responses to my comments I have received during that time. I was astonished, in the journal of those professionally committed to up-holding the law, to have had one, entirely unobjectionable, comment censored and then to have learnt, from complaints by others who had suffered the same fate, that I was not alone and that there was quite an animus against the editorial team for their behaviour in that regard.

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