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It is not generally known, even by so called judges, that when they are administering so called justice, they are not judges merely enforcement agents for the corporation known as parliament.
Before you rush to criticise, check out Halsbury's laws of England on the status of judges in administrative courts,
Of course the DJ is an employee. The judges so far are trying to protect their own status. I doubt if the supreme court will agree with the judges because they take notice of the common law.
This is not just an academic point. So called judges cannot be sued because they are protected by statute. Real judges who swear on their oath of office can be sued.The so called judges will not go on their oath of office so they can state that they are not qualified to hear an application for a writ of habeas corpus. Check out the supreme court rule 54 regarding habeas corpus and then check the unlawful civil procedure rule. This what give the establishment power to keep secret their unlawful ways.

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