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ROBERT RITCHIE. Unfortunately i do not possess a copy of Halsburys but I have read the comments in the book.However another law book, K.C. Davis, Admin law.Chapter1, (CTP Wests 1965 edition)
"judges who become involved in the enforcement of mere statutes, (civil or criminal in nature or otherwise), act as mere clerks of the involved agency......"
Commenting on the anon remarks. I suspect that the remarks are made by people practising law. They know that the colour of law is a term that describes the deception necessary to be used to get the living man or woman to accept responsibility for the legal fiction. Knowing this may help readers to understand anonymous comments. They dare not admit that all courts are kangaroo courts. I say all courts because our common law courts are not available to us. I've tried but the so called judges will not go on their oath of office which is necessary to conduct a common law court. The supreme court is the only court that I know of that accepts that the common law is supreme. The DJ should ignore her training and research her true status . She is merely a clerk working for the state.

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