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Anon 14.56

The debate on this should be opened up and needs to be had.

If we look at the number of cases going to the SDT involving backdating letters/forging documents/ forging ATE policies/emails etc it clearly seems to be the case that some solicitors are capable of making serious errors of judgment when under pressure of work and/or under pressure of bullying management.

Most of these cases involve the solicitor not being dishonest for financial gain but simply trying to keep their job. They are fearful of being sacked for missing a deadline/overlooking a case.

The combination of unreasonable management and Mitchell style draconian strike out penalties from macho judges has led us to where we are.

None of these cases in the SDT involve bad or dangerous people. They are simply overworked vulnerable individuals who are afraid of ending up on the open labour market with a poor reference from their old employer.

And we know that the law colleges are continuing to pump out LPC graduates when there are clearly not enough jobs for all of them.

Much more leniency is required in these cases, in my humble opinion and I hope that this case sets a precedent. The GMC are much more forgiving to doctors than the SDT is to lawyers. Strike off seems to be handed out for one off errors quite freely it seems.

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