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I have read the judgment which includes the letter from the Managing Partner. Even from a business point of view it is appalling. This quote from the judgment says it all.

"It was crass to tell junior solicitors that they had to make up hours by working weekends, long evenings, Bank Holidays, and so on and requiring them to confirm that they intended to do so that day. This was a notable example of bad,ineffective, and inappropriate management. The level of micromanagement at the Firm was obvious merely from the fact that staff were expected to sign in at the start of the day and out at the end of the day. This demonstrated lack of trust in employees.
The Tribunal's assessment of Ms Allen and Ms Al-Sabbagh was that neither would be particularly empathetic when faced with a problem from a vulnerable fee earner which might in some small way damage the Firm's inexorable progress towards
achieving its goals.
The Tribunal found these witnesses to be somewhat defensive
when giving evidence. Neither was particularly credible when asked whether they had noticed any physical symptoms giving clues to the Respondent's state of mind."

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