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Having carefully read the Judgement, while I do not condone Ms James’ conduct, I do understand it.

Unfortunate therefore in my view that, the Tribunal having made its views clear regarding the culture of fear that pervaded the employing firm, the Judgement did not include an order that the costs be paid by the employer, or at least be split equally.

I use the word "unfortunate" deliberately, on the basis that it is only when hit with a financial penalty that such firms, in respect of a culture that is still all too common in the profession, will even begin to accept that Dickensian attitudes to employment practices are simply not acceptable.

While I acknowledge the point made by the employment lawyer that those who suffer the consequences of such a culture should seek advice and/or presumably redress before an Employment Tribunal, how many of us, hand on heart, would not admit that if an applicant revealed they had taken another law firm employer to an Employment Tribunal, that that fact alone might well adversely dictate the decision as to whether or not to employ at all.

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