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I worked in a large North East RTA firm for over 6 years.

On my first day as a fee earner, the director sat me down and said "if you ever make a mistake, tell me. I can't help you fix it if you don't tell me". I thereafter owned up to everything and realised that everything can be fixed and it made me a better lawyer as a result.

When she left, the firm went completely downhill and became, quite simply, a horrendous place to work. The pressures and expectations were stressful beyond comprehension. I routinely went home crying, cried at work and struggled to sleep. However, I managed to do my job well and thought it was just what was expected.

I got out and now I work for a really, really excellent firm and now realise just how bad it was. In line with a previous comment, if you're suffering, seek help. Being a solicitor, or in the legal profession generally, can be extremely stressful and at times feel unmanageable, but your employer shouldn't make it worse. If they do, the issue may be with them and their demands, and not you.

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