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They advertise on Google and TV using a pot of law firms' money. They take a cut to cover employing staff with experience in marketing and the weird world of SEO, Google add-words etc. The kind of stuff, as PI lawyers, we don't have the expertise, funds or time to carry out- its hard enough just complying with the rules and regulations to even open the front door on a Monday morning!

They're just an outsourcing company for advertising, I don't understand what the problem is? They don't "add costs" or "leach on" to the market any more than any other overhead a law firm has. No one blames ITV, Compare the Market or the Daily Mail for increasing the costs of insurance by "passing on insurance business" or "charging extortionate fees to click on a link" - its just advertising. If anything, insurers have literally no need to advertise when it is a legal requirement to have motor insurance. Their advertising budget dwarfs that of the PI sector and certainly adds far more to the overall cost of insurance than PI costs - just look at their shareholder announcements.

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