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Anon @17:00

It seems that my previous comment was not acceptable: I must remember that while it is acceptable to make hyperbolic and ill founded comments about HMG (when a Conservative led administration) it is not acceptable to make disparaging comments about the left wing commentariat.

Conflating the issue of awarding the contracts and the companies profit warnings is part of the problem.

Yes, there should be appropriate DD in the PQQ and tender process, but it does not follow that a restatement of forecasts etc would/could allow for the exclusion of a bidder i.e. on the grounds that they did not meet the criteria in the PQQ.

Public procurement follows well established (and tested, often through quite exacting litigation) lines and while there may be an investigation from what is in the public domain there does not seem to be any suggestion of the usual rules being disapplied or changed.

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