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Anon @09.34: "Lots of interesting stuff but the fact is that Worboys attacked over 100 women. The time spent in prison is insufficient punishment for these horrific crimes. "

My question is: how long WOULD be sufficient then?

And to Mr Balchin's comment, "It looks as if this might be negligence on the part of the MoJ and their legal advisers"

My question is: are you involved in the case to be able to suggest negligence? From what I've read on this case, and my experience in prison law (including parole hearings), everything appears to be in order. Four psychologists, three parole board members, plus outside agencies who will have to work with Worboys on release, were convinced that he was suitable for release (on licence for at least ten years, of course...and we all know how difficult it is to be granted release, and how easy it is to be recalled to prison). What do you know that they didn't?

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