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Well skewered, Mr Hyde. You are not afraid to give it to both sides.

Rare to see a QC so badly prepared. No doubt he will blame the brief. May have been some post-match, pink-faced tea cup throwing in private...?

As a relative neutral in this PI war, I detect the ABI PR bluster crashing on the inconvenient rocks of the evidence. James Dalton was a really poor Batman last time, resorting to flimsy mantra and lame soundbites, and now Robin seems to have fizzled rather than sparkled too.

Seeing, as I do, ill clients who have been refused payouts under critical illness cover by insurers (for having the "wrong kind of cancer" or similar quibble), who then fold and pay out the moment they get a letter from a lawyer, I am cynical about them marking their own homework.

Insurers are generally quick to besmirch slimy/fraudulent claimants, but would do anything for a pound (with the odd shining exception - there are some great, honourable insurers still out there and I now use those in my private life rather than the cheapest).

There are of course quite a few bottom feeders on the claimant side too, but I don't like the character assassination attempts of the average actual claimant.

Will watch this one play out with interest, but the all important injured folk themselves often seem forgotten in the bi-partite venom, often seen on here.

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