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1) This article has a strong focus on the role of brokers in the funding and insurance space, but neglects to actually speak to a broker.

2) If the world were as simple as outlined here (ie a broker just adds costs) surely there would not be a single broker in any industry anywhere... However, that is clearly not the case and countless industries and individuals see the benefit in using the knowledge and expertise of well connected brokers that can give insight into the full market.

3) I wouldn't be at all surprised if the firm mentioned above use brokers for their PI insurance because they understand that this saves them money and doesn't just add a cost.

4) A good broker should add value to the funding and insurance process that exceeds any costs that they might add.

Our clients benefit from:
saving time by making one application to access over thirty funders and twenty insurers
utilising our skills and knowledge to put together the best package of funding and insurance, which can reduce the costs of funding by over 70%.

Just to be clear, I am not saying that all brokers are good (that would be like saying all solicitors are good!) but it is frustrating to read such a one-sided view of an industry I represent.

Mark Beaumont
Annecto Legal Ltd

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