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I am concerned about the SQE because the SRA seems to want to make it easier for those who are not very bright to become solictors.
I am not against one exam that everyone does marked by one organisation - ideally a non commercial one like the Law Society.
However I do not support burdening young people as accountants suffer with exams whilst they are also working. Life is busy enough as it is without having to get home from work and then start revising. It is much better to have the exam part done earlier.
One or possibly 2 of my student sons who just started university (not reading law) may fall within the SQE. I think it's unreasonable that these teenagers are started degrees in 2017 without the way forward being clear - other than SQE from 2020. It is far far too soon.

I hope the best firms can make this as delayed as possible by lobbying for that.

What we are likely to get is some kind of pot luck multiple choice lottery such as some doctors applying for senior roles have to suffer. We should be better than that.

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