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The background to this is absolutely essential.
Why would the overwhelming majority of any sane society hold the judiciary in particular in utter contempt?
In Poland, because the overwhelming majority of people are sane.
Without going into the whys and wherefores of stacking the courts and of the rampant nepotism deeply rooted in the judiciary's Communist past, I'd like to start you off with the startling fact of having one family with an impeccable Commmunist past wielding inordinate power in the judiciary. A husband-and-wife team headed up our supreme and constitutional courts (not simultaneously, mind - we had an interregum when a Soros-employee with an impeccable Communist past intervened). The same family - as father then son - opined as Dean of the Law Faculty at Warsaw University on the fitness of judges for senior appointment. We have senior judges who as loyal Communists jailed Solidarity activists in the 1980s.
Moving forward in time, just today, I was watching a Polish parliamentary committee questioning the head of the anti-corruption bureau. The Tusk government was involved in a scheme to bankrupt the national airline LOT. It involved the use of a pyramid scheme which funded a budget airline that was set up with the sole aim of bankrupting LOT and itself in the process. The facts were obvious to large numbers of people, but no-one in the entire legal-administrative part of the Polish state was prepared to take action. Among others, judges, lawyers, politicians, state prosecutors and police were being paid off with cars and real estate.
Moving on. Property restitution. Not wanting to bore you with stories of post-Communist corruption - 50,000 low end tenants were unlawfully evicted over the last few years through the fraudulent acquisition of real estate in Warsaw alone - made possible by corrupt judges (who happily believed they were returning property to people aged 128), corrupt politicians (including the mayor of Warsaw) and corrupt lawyers and council staff. We're talking billions of euros and goodness knows how many people nationwide.
And then there's Jola Brzeska - tenants' rights campaigner in Warsaw. She was abducted and brutally murdered by being torched with her hands tied behind her back. The police said it was suicide, as did the public prosecutor. By the time public pressure - even in our then monolithic media era - forced the authorities to investigate, the CCTV recordings had been wiped.
And that's all without mentioning the vast illegal importation of ruel in road tankers OK'ed by Donald Tusk. Customs was told to shut up by the public prosecutors.
Now - that's just some of the background. Care to comment?

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