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And why is this same process repeating all over Eastern Europe?
Option A - they're all mad. Option B - they're sick of post-Communism.
You've heard of oligarchs in Russia, right?
The general plan in Eastern Europe: The Communists stay rich and powerful (some assets, total control of the media, judiciary, police) and Western Europe agrees with it as long as they get a whole slice of each national economy as oligopolists who don't get taxed and can repatriate profits at will. Wages are to be kept low by there being no meaningful social security system.
Variations applied - Russia arranged few privatisations to foreigners. Poland's Communists didn't hand property back to Poles or Jews etc. etc.
So Western Big Business and the Communists benefited. The plebs didn't get that much - just enough to avoid revolt until the Internet came along. In Poland the trigger was Donald Tusk forcing mass sackings of journalists at Rzeczpospolita (Poland's Times newspaper equivalent). The journalists propelled the post-Communists out of power.
What you have in Poland is essentially an anti-democratic power play by Western Big Business and the old Communist elite. Be prepared for more - the Smolensk air crash report is due in April. A Lockerbie crash investigator Frank Taylor is involved and it will be absolutely damning, because there is direct evidence of a bomb on board. Tusk will face criminal charges.

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