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This is a deeply misleading editorial.

Sinn Fein are on the verge-by proxy-of losing a major case and veterans are fighting back in the courts.

This editorial reads to me as a demand to "back off"-which is the usual reaction where a republican narrative is challenged.

The insinuation is that angry veterans or the Conservatives will threaten the safety of Nationalist solicitors. That is outrageous, and i am stunned that you have allowed that impression in your journal. Many members of this profession have served in Ulster , whether in the army or the RUC-and have done so honourably. The Loyalist terror groups have been neutered-does the Gazette know more about security threats than MI5 or the Police or do you simply take what is said by a couple of very politically motivated lawyers as gospel truth? its a shame your editorialist made no mention of judges or unionist lawyers murdered by PIRA-of whom there have, sadly, been many.

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