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After very high ranking former IRA members disclosed how Sinn Fein and the IRA. Was subverting the judicial system. The people in Ulster have started to lose faith in the judicial system all together. Self proclaimed human rights lawyers that do nothing but push the revisionism, and objectives of the republican movement have no interest in justice or human rights at all. They do not pursue one single abuse of the human rights of victims or republican murderers. Not one! How can any judge or any DPP be deemed to be impartial on troubles related cases, based on trumped up allegations by a revisionist narrative. If they have refused to give allegiance to the crown. How can they be not seen to be supporting a nationalist agenda and not to have a nationalist leaning. How can they possibly be seen to be fair. One judge rips apart a revisionist version of events, inventing collusion between the police and murderers. And the subversion starts in earnest. How does a DPP who has worked for a law firm that had done everything to further the aims of the republican movement. Be allowed to have charges brought against former servicemen. When all other DPPs have refused to. Has this not been a case of subconscious bias. Or an example of the subversion of the judicial system in ulster to further the aims and objectives of IRA revisionism..

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