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Maybe it's the way the report has been summarized, but I'm having difficulty with the maths here. Apparently "nearly three quarters chose a conveyancer on the basis of a recommendation from an acquaintance or intermediary" but of the most important factors in choosing, 22% of those surveyed (presumably the clients) cited "personal recommendation". You'd have thought the two figures would be closer (unless "personal recommendation" means only that of an acquaintance - which in itself suggests a worrying figure of 50%+ going with an intermediary's recommendation). If only 32% of clients think cost is the most important factor, then why did only 6% go for the cheapest quote? And finally, assuming that only one "factor" option was selected (and of course, it could have been possible to select more) then the percentages add up to more than 100%!

Just saying...

I suspect most of us would want to go with a personal recommendation from a friend or family member who was satisfied with the service they received from a knowledgeable, experienced and competent professional.

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