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If the claims remain in the Portal, then I think paragraph 7.44 (of the RTA Protocol) has relevance:

Any offer to settle made at any stage by either party will automatically include, and cannot exclude—
(1) the Stage 1 and Stage 2 fixed costs in rule 45.18;
(2) an agreement in principle to pay a sum equal to the Type C fixed costs of an additional advice on quantum of damages where such advice is justified under paragraph 7.10;
(3) an agreement in principle to pay relevant disbursements allowed in accordance with rule 45.19;
(3A) in a soft tissue injury claim, the cost of obtaining a medical report in rule 45.19(2A)(a); or
(4) where applicable, any success fee in accordance with rule 45.31(1) (as it was in force immediately before 1 April 2013).

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