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Dominic Cooper- as I understand it this is what the fuss is all about. I'm a costs draftsman but my take on it is this:

25% deduction taken as success fee.

Client is being charged say £500 where claim settles for £2k but the actual profit costs are only say £1000. So the actual success fee if it was reasonable would be 20% at best on an rta.

But the solicitor puts in a 100% success fee (which is totally unjustified).

The client therefore has a success fee of £1,000 capped at 25% of damages.
The only reason the client has paid the maximum amount is because the success fee is set at an artificially high rate.

Or the profit costs are set at an artificially high rate which again enables the solicitor to charge the maximum.

This is what means the likes of these two firms can seek to reclaim the deduction s

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