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In all of this, I am incredulous that PI solicitors actually believe the true value of the work they do in routine fixed costs claims, are many thousands of ££'s.

You can (and do) use standard pre-set time claims and documents on simple processes. Anyone can apply an excessive hourly rate for anything, and at the end achieve a very high base costs bill to 'justify' the success fee deduction. But that belies the fact the actual work takes a fraction of the actual time claimed by a (very junior) fee-earner following what is largely an automated system.

This was the very point made by RCJ Lumb in "A and M v Royal Mail Group" [2015] EW Misc B24 (CC)

Rather then being vocally repugnant to the like of Mr Carlisle ( I am not he, I do know of him and I disagree with the methodology he uses to attack such claims), why not adopt a sense of realism to the actual value of the work you do, and what you then take from your client?

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