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Only Hempsons know the truth of this. If there was a valid claim, that they have disguised, then legally of course there is probably no issue, morally on the other hand . . . well personally as a Claimant clinical negligence lawyer, I would sleep even less at night than I do now if I was to cross to the Defendant side - which is something that will never happen as my morals and inate sense of fairness would simply not allow me to work a Defendant “medical lawyer”. I represent too many lovely people who have had their lives destroyed by negligence on the part of the NHS. I’ve dealt with Hempsons frequently and been subject to their attempts to massively undersettle cases - let’s face it that is what they are paid to do - deprive Claimants as far as possible of their right to damages and they are good at it. Hempsons know exactly what happened here which is clearly why they have declined to comment.

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