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I fail to understand why the OPG cannot identify from their own records those applications which have overpaid and which are due a refund?
I suspect that it is a case of the OPG not wanting to go to the time, expense and trouble of doing this rather than being unable to do it?
Why on earth do we Solicitors need to become involved in clearing up the OPG's mess and worse still for free?
The refund sums are small and do not justify getting an archived file out of storage, re-opening it, re- risk assessing the file, re-identifying the Client, writing to the Client/Attorney at a cost of say £20 per letter, filing in an application form sending it off to the OPG etc.
If the OPG is willing to pay the solicitors reasonable costs of say £150 to £200 plus VAT, and in addition make the reimbursement, then it may just be worth while becoming involved. But unless they are, then I can't see why Solicitors would want to waste their time on a pro-bono process such as this, nor indeed that Solicitors have any duty to become involved in the refund process?

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