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What so many solicitors firms do, is ignore the fact that in a great many litigated PI FT cases (indeed I would venture the majority now), solicitors receive the final band of costs (£2655.00) because most Courts list the Trial date when they give FT Directions, and the matter then settles before any of the work that covers is ever done.

Examples of fixed costs quoted here decidedly refer to the lowest value of costs recoverable to enshrine their 'examples' , but the reality is most PI firms are reaping the benefit of pay for what they never actually have to do.

And lets not forget, in addition to the fixed cost, you also get a percentage of the damages as costs - the clients damages no less. So not only do you get fees based on what the client is entitled to, you then deduct a percentage FROM the same damages.

Is it any wonder why, clients are encouraged to question whether the deductions made are reasonable?

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