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Mr Cooper
one can see why the likes of Mr Carlisle can drive a coach and horses through your views and submissions on hourly rates.

As to why the rates used as a 'guide' by the Courts are set at the level they are and are unchanging, there is both commentary from the Master of the Rolls, and settled Case Law authority aplenty, setting out how to calculate the rates, and the fact that solicitors refuse to be transparent in what they charge.

Indeed, I recall articles in this very publication urging that transparency; I do not recall many firms leading the 'charge' (excuse the pun) to do so, however.

Perhaps that lack, is part explained in your own commentary belief that "it is perfectly possible to have an hourly rate set at such a level that the actual base costs and any success fee exceed the inter partes recoverable costs to the extent that the deduction from damages can exceed the cap of 25%". All sounds very artificial to me....

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