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It’s the issue of the direct contact with the client that raises my eyebrow the most.

There are parallels between this Judgment the business that's going on with Haven and Gavin Edmondson solicitors. Slightly different I suppose because Haven were paying off the client – here they are just sending threatening letters in what seems to be an attempt to dissuade the client from continuing with his application to see his papers.

But surely the solicitors here should be held to a much higher standard than an insurance company?

People seem hung up on the hourly rate and the redaction of the fee earners details on the bill. But that can be sorted out through sensible directions and will certainly be deal with by the Court on assessment.

Contacting a client when they know the client has instructed a solicitor is a whole other ball game in my opinion.

I fear this wouldn’t happen in any other sphere than the low value PI sector.

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