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I don't know why Ian Palmer merited 6 thumbs down. The fact is young solicitors are joining the CPS because they can see no future working all the hours God sends for the defence with no/limited pension and few other perks (unless you call being in a police interview room at 3.00am with a mentally ill sex offender a perk).

There are issues with the Police. Vera Baird and her PCC chums would do a lot better concentrating on why so many cases-not just rape and sex offences-fail due to poor disclosure or are cracked (to save face) due to poor disclosure. I have met "Detectives" who do not know or understand the Bail Act nor their obligations as far as disclosure is concerned. Isn't the PCC responsible for this failing?

It is very simple. The Attorney General does not know what he is talking about. The truth is that the CPS and Police are under-resourced and the entire system is in a mess.

"You get more mistakes for less funding".

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