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I agree with the coroner on this. No person should get queue jumped ahead of someone else's loved one because of their religion. It's discriminatory against non Jewish and Muslim deceased and their families.

Treat everyone equal. With the UK getting a larger Muslim and Jewish population what will eventually happen to non Muslim and Jewish deceased? Will people have to wait 6-7 weeks, if not longer because of the Jewish/Muslim deceased being moved up the queue? Where will the line be drawn? This will result is horrendous waits for people at a difficult time.

I disagree with anon 2 Feb 17.46. If the Muslim/Jewish deceased are already getting dealt with earlier and quicker than that is automatically at the detriment to others. They are getting unnecessary preferential treatment and it will only get worse.

Sadly I see this JR being successful and it will create a two tier system that will discriminate against non Jewish and Muslim.

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