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The law of this country is secular, for rational and fair-minded reasons. I would be horrified if a relative's burial was queue-jumped because of someone else's 'faith', which does not give them any priority whatsoever. They are equal, nothing more, and take their place in the line regardless of what one might make of their particular brand of personal belief. They are not deserving of any special 'respect' in that regard, merely tolerance from others, and should merely not be discriminated against, as is the law. Queue-jumping axiomatically extends the waiting time for all those who are overtaken, which is self-evidently why the faith-based wish so vehemently to jump the queue in the first place. If that was not the case, this JR would not have been brought. Its driver is the wish to avoid delay due to budgetary/resourcing constraints, as with many public services for which we each pay our taxes. I for one do not wish to fund faith-based queue-jumpers and expect equal treatment under the law.

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