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Insurers have only one interest in mind, profit (else they wouldn't be in the Supreme Court over this issue). They take advantage of Claimants/the public and always will in their constant battle for profits. Increased renewals, undersettling vehicle write offs, repairing cars to substandard specs/used parts, admin fees, Autofocus the RSA repair scandal....the list goes on - and these are just what have been reported.

They tell us its such a competitive market that they are 'losing money' so it is inevitable that they will stick their hand in the cookie jar. The temptation is there - Haven is a prime example.

This will get worse should the SCL increase - without a shadow of a doubt and all at the public's expense. When you can settle a claim for £2000 that you know full well is worth £10,000 that's £8K in the coffers - the temptation is there for them - especially when the claimant has no representation, who will ever find out?? When they already have a history of doing it with safeguards in place, what will happen when the limit increases to £5,000?

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