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its not their money actually. That's the problem.

They administer a fund on behalf of the general public. As you know, we are legally obliged to have motor insurance. They take a slice to cover a bit of profit and running costs. We all pay into a pot to cover ourselves, not to line the pockets of non doms that dont pay UK tax.

The example I give is from personal experience. A client I had was approached by a large insurer directly, offered £1500 then £1800, notwithstanding he had been in hospital and required an operation. not a huge claim as it turned out but the insurer knew full well it was worth considerably more than they were offering.

Given insurers have previous and when their staff are on a bonus to (under)settle, on balance they are likely to take advantage (as the past shows) of the unrepresented Claimant - especially when the SCL is £5K. Injuries worth £10-20K will easily slip through the net.

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