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Frank, I have been in the profession for as long as you, and I to be honest I think you are looking back with extremely rose-tinted spectacles.

In a firm where I spent a few years a Senior Partner routinely had letters typed out with wrong dates on to mislead other parties as his inefficiencies, and also very often turned-back the settings (manual in those days) on the franking machine.

Talking about this with mates of mine at Court it became clear that this was not an isolated example.

Technology has meant that the pace of practice seems to put added pressures on folks that simply were not there 'in the old days' - when it was considered fine to leave it a week or so before replying to an opponent's letter.

And whilst technology may make it, in a panicked moment, superficially 'easy' to manipulate documents, it's the technology that ultimately always proves the 'crime'...

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