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While given the SRA's proclivities to meddlesomeness, I can understand the groundswell of doubt and concern at any changes to the route to admission.

Yet as one who underwent 5 years articles and the College of Law and took the qualifying exams (still one of my anxiety dreams 53 years on) all under the aegis of the LS - aka Sir Thomas Lund - I'm unable to wholly engage with it. The present system involves university, a conversion course for non-lawyers and then pre-exam tuition. All at enormous cost and before getting that avis rara, a training contract.

It seems to have spawned its own vested interests.

It must exclude many candidates. It would have excluded me - and my dad forked out a premium and kept me for 5 years.

Accordingly a scheme or schemes which open the profession to those, like me, who would be excluded is no bad thing if it is properly done. Anxiety dreams after 53 years indicate a salutary experience.

Incidentally, a brass plate on one's bedroom door will have a limited effect on attracting clients. Clin neg clients may have a problem with stairs.

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