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I agree with Mr Hall.

This offending might be at the truly awful trolling end of the range - for which I would support, despite my seeming liberalism elsewhere, striking off to stupid boorish “banter” which while upsetting and irritating was not taken very seriously. They may have had the character of the range above but be in the form of general rather than personally directed comment. They may have been of a sort that would not have had any consequence if he’d used his private email address. We don’t know.

I agree that a defendant’s health, mental or physical, can be relevant mitigation. Why should it not be? But why is it private?

And another thing, he is described as a “solicitor” [headline and text] and as an “in-house lawyer” and “para-legal” in the text. Which is he? Can a solicitor be a para-legal? Once a ..... always a ...... .

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