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This case has echoes of the controversies which developed over the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy, and the uproar over the proposed release on parole of the rapist Worboys.

The common factor in all these cases, is the spectacle of politicians having been complicit in starving various parts of our justice system of resources over the years, blundering into the most delicate cases for crude political reasons, which interventions are not necessarily in the best interests of those they claim to represent.

The Rule of Law should be blind to religion, vested interests, etc and I view with real concern the idea of any MP, seeking to inflame public opinion, before in the calm surroundings of a courtroom, a particular decision is audited for legality, which is the primary reason for any judicial review.

If politicians feel the law is wrong, then they should seek to change it, by debate, and if necessary, by changing the law in a coherent and rational way.

They should not seek to criticise those with a judicial function, for cheap political theatre. If by law the Coroner has a discretion, then that is the law.

The actions of Jeremy Corbyn in writing to the Chief Coroner are unhelpful, and must be considered as unworthy of any MP, let alone somebody seeking the highest office.

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