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I am strongly atheist. I have very firm views against people relying on religion to argue that their rights should trump other people's. I strongly disagree that religion should be used to exempt people from certain parts of a job (e.g. Registrars and same sex marriage) or to support direct discrimination (e.g. B&B owners refusing to offer double rooms to unmarried or gay couples).

However, the fact is that for the non-Christian, Non-Muslim majority in this country, a fast burial within hours of a death is simply not an issue. If strongly held religious views can be accommodated without affecting the rights of others, then why not? It seems that most if not all other coroners in the country are able to strike this balance.

If there was evidence that taking into religious views was actually affecting other families, I'd reconsider in an instant. The impression I get though is that the individual coroner in question has decided to [take a stand / be bloody minded]*.

*delete as appropriate depending on your view.

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