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This is, as I understand it, about the Police using technology to confirm the identity of a person who has been arrested not about randomly accosting people and saying 'papers please': I have seen no suggestion that the devices will obtain a copy of a FP.

I would find it outrageous if the police stopped people and asked for evidence as to their identity or even asked them to confirm their identity: unless you are a potential suspect and your identity is at issue (for example you're walking down a road at 4 am, there's been a burglary, and you fit the description of the burglar: if you live on the street and say you're going home why wouldn't you identify yourself (with driving licence or some other means) so that they can let you go home?) or offender the Police should regard you as their master not their servant.

That there have been occasions of police misconduct is wholly irrelevant to this issue.

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