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@Jonathan Massey

You really need to know the rule of stop digging further if you're in a hole. I wasn't any of the anons from yesterday by the way.
However, I have both Claimant and Defendant experience, including at Birkenhead over a number of years. It was undoubtedly the most Claimant-friendly Court in the Country for a long period. You have your head in the sand if you do not accept that. Yes, the Court may have changed recently but in the past it was deservedly detested by Defendants and their insurer clients.

Also swearing (albeit with your expletive marked with ****) on this forum isn't really good behaviour. I'd be having a word with you if I were your employer. This isn't a forum for The Sun. You yourself have said in the past that its usage should be restricted to solicitors or the like - I'm not sure that what you said at 15:58 would be considered at all acceptable.

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