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This is off-topic, but Michael Martin started it!

He defines justice (and dishonesty) as a mere social construct; one which should be perpetually redesigned by some form of collective (in order, it seems, to facilitate sending rich people to a gulag).

To deny the existence of justice is to deny that there is any such thing as being just (morally right, impartial, fair, honourable etc.). It is also to deny that there is any such thing as being unjust, which I guess is helpful if you want to arbitrarily imprison the rich.

Very few people (other than psychopaths) live their lives as if there is no such thing as right or wrong. We all know, at some deep level, that unprovoked violence, torture, rape, oppression, etc. are wrong - objectively wrong.

When lawyers lose faith in justice, when they cease believing that justice (or dishonesty) is a thing, then I suggest we're all in difficulty.

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