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In response to Andrew Mcnish, your point seems to be contradictory - on one hand you blame training providers for accepting people onto the course, but on the other make the point (that I agree with) that most firms wouldn't take the risk of employing someone without an LPC-style level of training.

I am sure I will be criticised for being too harsh, but isn't the truth that students have to take an element of responsibility themselves. They are adults - aged at least 21 when deciding whether to do the LPC. They are trying to enter a profession that demands a certain degree of intellect and skill. There is an abundance of information out there about the dearth of TCs compared to candidates. Students should be honestly reflective when thinking about their career plans. If they really struggled to scrape a 3rd from the University of Central Nowhere, then it is highly unlikely that they are going to convince a firm to employ them as a trainee, LPC or not.

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