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Chris Grayling? Michael Gove ? Lynn Truss? David Liddington (ok at least the latter did a PHD in Legal History).....

There is that private society again "LEGAL " which has no standing in our PUBLIC courts
They may have studied it, i studied it enough to know that LEGAL is not Common or Equity Law;
Legal only comes into it after an offence has taken place, but please please please tell me where the DVLA or the Government inform drivers that it is an offence to speed, where do the Council give you legal advice on what happens when you dont pay council tax????? they dont, it only becomes knowing to the householder or driver after the offence.
The reason being neither the Government or their branches of public bodies can tell you that because they are not legally qualified in the first place;
Its a massive trap to ensure massive amounts of money launders it way to the courts purse, lets tell them they broke the law after the event shall we, lets make lots of money by duping the public into thinking we are punishing them for their wrong doings. Now since when did public servants have the right to punish their masters?????

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