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At Anonymous, does it state in the Highway Code that it is a legal requirement to travel at a certain speed, and that if you go over that speed limit then the police will with the use of a Privateer (Law Society member) with the use of public funds through the CPS to collect money for the court system????? answer no.
Does it state in the Highway code that the courts will throw in a VICTIM surcharge for a victimless charge??????? answer no,
Does it state in the Highway code give any legal advice regarding the Road Traffic Regulations 1984????? no it doesn't,
The only time you are made aware of anything to do with the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 is when the local constabulary become legal experts and give legal advice when they are not authorised to do so to collect money for the local HMCTS, after you have committed an offence you knew nothing about;
Don't believe me, just check the bottom of a fixed penalty ticket issued by the local plod, please make payments payable to HMCTS, if that isnt proof enough the Courts are employing the police to act as debt collectors for them, then i don't know what is.
Statute is the law, but its an administrative law only, and only known to the legal society, not the general Joe Bloggs on the street;
If statutes are law, then what law allows a court to create a victim surcharge revenue from a victimless crime???? If they wish to play that game then at least the courts should come in under Equity, you know Equity "He who seeks Equity must do equity" and He who does equity must come with clean hands" yes every day Magistrates come with clean hands don't they????? oh sorry they can't because they would be outside of their public jurisdiction wouldn't they????

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