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Family Court Proceedings false Name

Normal Birth
Thrown to kitchen floor
Suffered subdural hemotoma, bilateral skull fractures

Actual events Birth Certified Name
Breech, Starved of Oxygen birth. due to umbilical cord wrapped around his neck
Eyes badly infected, Cat like Cry, unable to suck, head jerking spasms, head circumference chart (head not growing)
To be referred back to Neurologist

Head jerking spasms getting stronger, head jerking spasm in kitchen of daughters home, father called mother, with whom the 3 lived, Mother attended daughters, put the 3 in the car, took them to family doctor, from doctors, telephone call to local hospital, ordered to attend A&E a specialist will attend him, which was a Mr Strachan neurologist, head XRay, CT Scan, frontal brain one side small, suspected Cerbral Atrophy transferred to further hospital for MRI, transferred with A different childs ACCIDENT REPORT mother went to fridge to get baby's bottle hit baby's head on fridge door. 48hrs NO MRI SCAN, sent home with this report which was duly handed to family doctor.

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