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Mr Hall and Anon 13.28. I’m a bit perplexed. Where is the evidence that the bar was on the brink of victory? It isn’t my impression.

At one stage the LG printed an article describing judicial bad temper and “bullying” but no names, places or details were given. My paper - the Times - had no hard stories that I noticed aside from an adjournment or two. So where is the evidence of collapse - maybe it was so bad anyway no one noticed.

While I’m sure that the DoJ and others in the professions (not to mention those facing trial, who might not be so sorry about it) were affected, none of the red tops seem to have been supportive, and without the support of at least two the government was never likely to be in bother with the general public.

My impression is that the government saw it out until it thought that an offer would be accepted and made it. No great expense in the scheme of things.

I will stand to be corrected if some hard evidence is supplied.

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