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What worries me here is that Paralegals bill as much per hour and are allowed it as a Grade D.

Query. What is a 'reasonable' rate. As Law Firms don't want to train them as a Solicitor, and they haven undertaken ILEX, they cannot be 'earning' an hourly rate at their firm (or more in reality the Legal Department of their 'Firms' Pet-Insurer), of more that say £15.00 per hour. That being the case, their charge out rate should be £45.00 per hour. Look for example at, the normal billing matrix, 1500 (hours per year) x (£45) = £77500, or a 'salary' of £26k per annum - that is a lot and far more than any Trainees Salary. In reality those Paralegals will "Air-Bill" more 'hours' so the profit element will be even more.

This fraud, particularly on insureds and an unwitting Defendant, generally, should be addressed. It most certainly must be before unbundling is properly taken up otherwise those advising cannot predict what the 'costs' of step will be in proceedings, however experienced. They may as well stick a pin on a donkey.

I was talking to someone at my Lodge whose daughter was going to have 25% apparently and ignorantly 'flat rate' reduction from damages in a basic shunt.

I am very worried that we have a slight problem Houston (to put it mildly) .....


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