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@Anonymous; Commented on: 11 July 2018 15:26 GMT

Is there not a point here though Anon@ 11 July 2018; 15.26?

For example I recall that even more pertinently, a Trainee used to command Scale D Costs under SCCO Guideline rates in 2010 which used to be £79.00 outside Central London / City.

How can an unqualified Trainee be 'billed out' at 150% of that rate? Even allowing for inflation over 8 years?

£35.00 - per hour, (paid to a Trainee), allows for 4 times salary, fee income at £150.00 (the rate 'assessed' for a 'Paralegal').

This Factory Farming PI / Med Neg set up stinks suspiciously of profiteering on the hourly rate. It gives us abad name. A very bad name actually.

Coupled with the fact that there are all sorts of deals done between Paralegals and Garages and Credit Hire Firms, I do think the whole lot (they call themselves an 'industry' I note), need investigation.


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