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If one has anything to do with HMG and in particular it's civil service one quickly finds out that they have a lack of morals that would shock the sensibilities of regular customers at the Central Criminal Court. When you make a creed of telling untruths, year in , year out, to get your little way about things, you lose touch with reality and truth telling. Of course they fudged the stats, because they are as bent as a nine bob note. This ( usually wholly unnecessary) behaviour will only stop when they have to pay the legal costs personally. The Court has power to make such an order. HMG isn't at all afraid to hang soldiers out to dry. It's time Sir Humphrey lost his home and pension if caught in an untruth which has costs consequences. The truth is more or less always our friend. Policemen and Civil Servants should be taught this ab initio by rote until it is a neurosis. It would be cheaper and better for us all.

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